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Episode 16: Sugar Sugar

Ohhh BABY- Sugar baby that is! As promised, an Episode about some Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy adventures/Experiences.

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Confession: I am a Poor, Tired Teacher

#poorteachertired Hello all and thanks for a moment of your time. I have debated for the past 5 years trying a Gofundme campaign. I finally got the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try! Please, if you have any negativity about my request or position.. I ask you to please just pass... Continue Reading →

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Lifetime Dream/Wish List

As the New Year is upon us, I reflect on the past decade. I chuckle when I think of the most influential people (other than family/friends) and the everlasting effect they will have on me. I once had a Sugar Daddy that asked me to make him a list of my Dream/Wish list. The first... Continue Reading →

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Stress Shopping

Please tell me I am not the only one who stress shops! Then wonder why I don't have any money!

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E/Jack- The Name Game

E was older about- 36 to my 26. I wanted to find someone to settle down with (or so I told myself). I met this big winter bearded man at Applebees for dinner and I was interested. He was standoffish- right to the point and very aggressive with words. He would often ask questions that... Continue Reading →

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Pumping the Brakes: Familiar Faced Bootycalls..

After my Parasitic Catfish experience (see previous post) - I decided to pump the breaks on the stranger dating game. I started to reach out to old acquaintances. Thanks to Facebook sliding a DM is easier than ever. That is where I began to have my first consistent-ish booty call. We will call this one... Continue Reading →

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30 Before 30: Goal List

This past year as a 29 year old has been absolutely amazing. I turned 30 officially in February but I wanted to share my "30 before 30" list I made on my 29th birthday. I can honestly say this was the first step to holding myself accountable and reaching some silly/strange goals! I plan on... Continue Reading →

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