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Episode 16: Sugar Sugar

Ohhh BABY- Sugar baby that is! As promised, an Episode about some Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy adventures/Experiences.

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Confession: I am a Poor, Tired Teacher

#poorteachertired Hello all and thanks for a moment of your time. I have debated for the past 5 years trying a Gofundme campaign. I finally got the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try! Please, if you have any negativity about my request or position.. I ask you to please just pass... Continue Reading →

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Lifetime Dream/Wish List

As the New Year is upon us, I reflect on the past decade. I chuckle when I think of the most influential people (other than family/friends) and the everlasting effect they will have on me. I once had a Sugar Daddy that asked me to make him a list of my Dream/Wish list. The first... Continue Reading →

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Stress Shopping

Please tell me I am not the only one who stress shops! Then wonder why I don't have any money!

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E/Jack- The Name Game

E was older about- 36 to my 26. I wanted to find someone to settle down with (or so I told myself). I met this big winter bearded man at Applebees for dinner and I was interested. He was standoffish- right to the point and very aggressive with words. He would often ask questions that... Continue Reading →

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Pumping the Brakes: Familiar Faced Bootycalls..

After my Parasitic Catfish experience (see previous post) - I decided to pump the breaks on the stranger dating game. I started to reach out to old acquaintances. Thanks to Facebook sliding a DM is easier than ever. That is where I began to have my first consistent-ish booty call. We will call this one... Continue Reading →

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30 Before 30: Goal List

This past year as a 29 year old has been absolutely amazing. I turned 30 officially in February but I wanted to share my "30 before 30" list I made on my 29th birthday. I can honestly say this was the first step to holding myself accountable and reaching some silly/strange goals! I plan on... Continue Reading →

Episode 11: Mother’s Day

My heart & Soul. I am alive because of this amazing, inspiring, determined and dedicated woman. She deserves to be celebrated every moment of everyday. My Mom is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on. My mother is a woman like no other. She gave me life when... Continue Reading →

Teaching Story

💔😢😔This really hits home! Here is a little insight into my experience riding the struggle bus of a 21st century teacher.Even though I was warned, scorned and basically threatened not to go into education, my heart knew it was my passion from a young age. Even though I knew I would make peanuts and I... Continue Reading →


I have always been turned off by guys younger than me. I don’t know what it is. I want a dominant man (yes I am a bit of a submissive in my private life.. More on that later). Younger men- not dominant enough for me. But I am guilty of breaking my own rules, so... Continue Reading →

Trauma- Fight, Flight or Freeze

As I began therapy at a very young age, I learned more about my PTSD to childhood experiences and they followed me into my adulthood. As I still experience traumatic experiences (that's life y'all) I react in a strange way. The only way I can explain it to this day, is an out of body... Continue Reading →

SUPERMAN- Catfish Sickness

Well.. this leads us into my next story- Superman Catfish Sickness. Interesting title right? To my surprise on a fish named dating website (again DON’T partake in this creep-o-weirdo website. There are many other better sites to be on), I was approached by a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS man. I call him Superman because that was... Continue Reading →

Deets on My Dating Profile

Proof that I am no swamp creature As I healed from my Black Stallion experience (see previous post), I put it in the past and moved on. I bet you are wondering what my dating profile looks like. I don’t blame you for wondering. Let’s paint this picture: I am a curvy brunette, hazel eyes,... Continue Reading →


June 2015 marks my freedom. When I say free... you have to know that I wasn't truly free- abuse/trauma stays with us. However, I had no one waiting to be next "Mr. Forever". Which was terrifying! For the first time since I was 13... I was alone with myself. I hated myself to the core.... Continue Reading →

Mexicano- Saint Dick

Not much after my break up with my 5 year too long boyfriend… I decided to hit up FB (Facebook) for some past crushes. By liking their photos– I expected them to know I was interested. Now that I look back on it… it is creepy to stalk people on FB… but FB is creepy... Continue Reading →

No specific order

This is just a kind FYI post…. not that anyone really fucking cares BUT for my own informational/organization crazy mind— I just had to let you know. These tales of dating (if you can call random 1 night stands and awkward “meet ups” dating– but thats for another post) will not be posted in any... Continue Reading →

Background info:

I come from a broken family. My biological father lives in Utah (visit regularly) and my mom lives in Michigan with my “immediate” family. Life was no perfect fairytale. What story would I have to tell if it was? BUT it was a wonderful childhood/adulthood/preteen/almost adulthood life to live. Yes, I have daddy issues (working... Continue Reading →

Random Ramblings

Truth is we will all perceive life differently; based on our personality, personal beliefs and past experiences. The past events in our lives have so much of an impact on us. We have to take time to reflect, sort out the facts, thoughts, falsehoods and feelings they bring with them.  Our trauma, happy, sad, upsetting... Continue Reading →

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