SUPERMAN- Catfish Sickness

Well.. this leads us into my next story- Superman Catfish Sickness. Interesting title right? To my surprise on a fish named dating website (again DON’T partake in this creep-o-weirdo website. There are many other better sites to be on), I was approached by a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS man. I call him Superman because that was... Continue Reading →

Deets on My Dating Profile

Proof that I am no swamp creature As I healed from my Black Stallion experience (see previous post), I put it in the past and moved on. I bet you are wondering what my dating profile looks like. I don’t blame you for wondering. Let’s paint this picture: I am a curvy brunette, hazel eyes,... Continue Reading →


June 2015 marks my freedom. When I say free... you have to know that I wasn't truly free- abuse/trauma stays with us. However, I had no one waiting to be next "Mr. Forever". Which was terrifying! For the first time since I was 13... I was alone with myself. I hated myself to the core.... Continue Reading →

No specific order

This is just a kind FYI post…. not that anyone really fucking cares BUT for my own informational/organization crazy mind— I just had to let you know. These tales of dating (if you can call random 1 night stands and awkward “meet ups” dating– but thats for another post) will not be posted in any... Continue Reading →

Mexicano- Saint Dick

Not much after my break up with my 5 year too long boyfriend… I decided to hit up FB (Facebook) for some past crushes. By liking their photos– I expected them to know I was interested. Now that I look back on it… it is creepy to stalk people on FB… but FB is creepy... Continue Reading →

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