30 Before 30: Goal List

This past year as a 29 year old has been absolutely amazing. I turned 30 officially in February but I wanted to share my “30 before 30” list I made on my 29th birthday. I can honestly say this was the first step to holding myself accountable and reaching some silly/strange goals!

I plan on making another for “32 before 32” and it will include some of my goals I didn’t achieve from my 30 list. I figured I would give myself 2 years to accomplish some goals and to be honest CORONA is fucking some shit up right now!

ENJOY! Reach your dreams! Strive for more… and don’t ever give up! ALSO, don’t forget to listen to my podcast about this entry!

1. Lower Debt

Lets be honest with ourselves; there are people who kick ass at saving every penny. I am not one of those people. Needless to say, I will keep working on lowering my Mt. Everest high miles of debt.

2. Visit 3 New Cities

  • I went to Dallas, Nassau Bahamas, New York, Hollywood and Denver Colorado! All were amazing experiences.

3. Sky Diving

  • Unfortunately I did not get around to sky diving this year. I am (confession) a procrastinator and it got WAY too cold by the time I realized it was time to jump! This will go on my 32 before 32!

4. Watch 3 Concerts or Plays

  • Dueling Pianos
  • Brad Paisley
  • Indy Children’s Opera
  • Fool’s House
  • Andy Grammer (Best performer I have ever witnessed!)

5. Read/Listen to 10 Audio books or Podcasts:

  • Basement Yard (Favorite! Love Danny and Joe!)
  • Other People’s Lives (Second favorite)
  • Sincerely, X
  • Full Exposure (ME!)
  • Girl, Wash your Face
  • Unf*ck Yourself
  • Same Soul, Many Bodies
  • How to Stop Feeling like Sh*t
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  • Message from the Masters

6. New Tattoo

Alex from Electric Coil is amazing! I love my new ink.

7. Volunteer Opportunity

8. 2nd job for minimum of 2 months

  • EST Rater/Scorer for TOEFL: Start Date May 2nd 2019- End date February 2020
  • Cambly Tutor: Beginning date May 2019- Present

9. Try New Class

10. Astrologist/Psychic

My mom surprised me ON my birthday to complete this goal! All three of us had appointments. It was an amazing experience at one of my favorite stores Spirit Dreams.

11. 30th Birthday Trip

I want to count this one as completed BECAUSE we (5 of us) had purchased our tickets for a week long trip in April for my birthday. Unfortunately due to this Corona Pandemic we had to cancel. Which reminds me…. I have not received my refund! Better call on that….

12. Donate 30 Items

I cleaned out my CLOSET! Also, I was able to give some shoes to GoodWill. It feels good to give back AND have more room in my apartment.

13. 3 Projects

Unfortunately slacked in this creative area…

14. Medical Card

I decided to search for pain relief that doesn’t include prescription drugs. Ask me more if you are curious what I have discovered! šŸ™‚

15. 24 hours without phone

FAIL! :/

16. Send 6 Letters/Post Cards

  • April 2019- Letter to little brother in Utah
  • April 2019- Sent Invite to Friend to invite to School Prom
  • April 2019- Thank you letter to friend
  • June 2019- Student’s family in NY
  • July 2019- Letter to Aunt in Cali
  • September 2019- Letter to little brother in Utah

17. Lower Prescriptions Taken

7 prescriptions down! Wahoooo!

18. Nose Pierced

19. Migraine Piercing

No pictures for proof but.. I have the scar to prove it! Unfortunately, the ball fell out and I let the hole close up! Whoopse..

20. Learn about the moon

Here are some moon facts!

21. Re-new Teaching License to Professional

As of May 2020, I have my professional teaching certificate! I won’t have to pay again for a piece of paper for 5 years.

22. Re-design Blog

Re-designed 10000 times and I will keep re-designing 1000 more times! I love change!

23. Set up Saving plan

Let’s just remind ya’ll reading that I have no money at the end of the day to save BUT I did use Digit for a couple of months until it over-drafted my account! One day.. When I have enough money to survive, I would be more than happy to sign up again.

24. Gluten Free

January 2019 I was ill and we were experiencing a polar vortex in Michigan. If you are questioning what a polar vortex is.. well it is the coldest of the coldest damn weather ever experienced by people other than Eskimos. Well, needless to say schools close when it is -25 outside. I had a whole 2 weeks of freezing my ass off to jump straight in to Gluten Free living to help with my inflammation, pain in my stomach and 3 inches of bloating after a meal. Drum roll pleaseee…… I have been a year and some months Gluten Free! There was some hiccups trying to figure out what has gluten in it and what doesn’t BUT I feel great! I don’t see myself adding gluten back into my diet any time soon. It is MUCH easier than it seems… trust me; I was addicted to my 3 food groups 1. Pasta 2. Bread and 3. More bread. I don’t feel sad or tempted to eat gluten filled treats (unless I smell fresh donuts).

25. Celestial Event


26. 30’s Photo Shoot

27. Meditation

I began my journey of meditation to help me sleep better at night. Luckily, I was stuck in a black hole of whatever Youtube is made of. Within this never ending black hole, I found Micheal Sealey. At first meditation feels a bit weird and it takes practice! I find myself most relaxed and ready for sleep after listening to one of his audios. Try it out!

28. Morning Routine

I can’t explain how HORRIBLE I am in the AM’s before work! I promise to continue to try different morning routines until I find one that suits me and my grouchy ass.

29. Learn a Rap song Start-Finish

30. Make 32 before 32

NOT COMPLETED & added to new “32 before 32” list:

  • Skydiving
  • 3 Home projects
  • 24 hours without phone
  • 30th birthday trip
  • Celestial Event

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