Lifetime Dream/Wish List

As the New Year is upon us, I reflect on the past decade. I chuckle when I think of the most influential people (other than family/friends) and the everlasting effect they will have on me.

I once had a Sugar Daddy that asked me to make him a list of my Dream/Wish list. The first list I gave him looked much different than the one listed below…. He told me to be selfish. He demanded that I revise the list. I did as “Daddy” requested. Unfortunately, I am not much of a selfish person…


  • Volunteer- teaching project in Bali/Africa/Fiji (wherever the most impactful opportunity may arise)
  • Volunteer- Wildlife conservation project in exoitic location dealing with animals in Africa/Thailand/Croatia/Costa Rica. (Wherever the most impactful opportunity may arise)
  • Tahiti


  • Savings account: Enough money saved/earned to be able to assist, give graciously and invest in those who have given so selflessly to me. (SD, SB, my Mother, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces/nephews, my own children if I decide/able to). Not have to work full time in order to work on publishing personal and freelance writing while working towards a Masters/Doctoral Degree.
  • Investment: ability to contribute/create scholarships and grants for deserving programs for abuse, addiction, mental health, students, teachers, children, single Mothers, foster care/adoption, children/adults with significant cognitive and multiple disabilities.. Etc. 

While that Sugar Daddy is no longer active in my life, I still thank him secretly for having me lay out some dreams and goals that I can AND WILL achieve with or without help!

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