I have always been turned off by guys younger than me. I don’t know what it is. I want a dominant man (yes I am a bit of a submissive in my private life.. More on that later). Younger men- not dominant enough for me. But I am guilty of breaking my own rules, so I tried out the cougar life for a hot second.


One commonality between all these boys (Over 21 but still acting childish) was they are often too sensitive (turn off). I could say one sarcastic remark or mention that I am in the process/have a dream of writing a blog/book about dating in the 21st century and in the process of collecting research… and they would begin to whine and cry while smothering me to death. Bro.. give a lady some space.

I don’t want to be someones Momma or comfort during these dark times. It was exhausting… I want to have someone financially, emotionally, physically adequate enough to have a relationship.

However, I will give these young lovers a compliment/benefit- their stamina is….. Impressive. Now I am not talking about making it last a long time… that is over rated. In fact, we need to get the word out there to these men that think 2-5 hours is a legit time to be getting busy and should be proud of that. No, that is not something that I want to take part in… I will be a dried up raisin by that time. Chaffed and sweaty. Not sexy. It is ok to blow fast- if you are ready to go again in the next few minutes.

Quite impressive young one..

Bravo youngins- enjoy it while it lasts.. Short rebound time is a necessity. However, you need to find a different Cougar to comfort you in your time of neediness and your inability to get your shit together with your emotions/feelings… BARF. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

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