Personal Outlook on Relationshits/Love

Let me pause here to tell you a bit about my outlook/feelings on “love/relationshits”; I don’t think like a woman. In fact Dr. Steve (my counselor), says I feel love/infatuation/lust much like a man does. NO I don’t identify as a man or anything like that… But because of my past experiences I learned quickly how I felt most loved. The physical parts of relationshits make me feel loved and wanted.

If a man is touching me I perceive that he is caring about me. Sounds silly right? We all know realistically that there are many men and women out there who have physical contact with someone at any given time and they could care less about the person they are physical with. However, based on my past experiences as a child and in relationships… this is what I had been conditioned to believe.

We use people for sex/physical comfort. It is almost like an addiction for some. In the moment, I feel cared for. I feel wanted. I want to be wanted… I have been needing it since I was a young child. Words are deceiving but touch- physical contact- well that is 100% real.

Check out the book “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

It changed my life and gave me knowledge on how people give and receive love. It really made me think deeper and reflect on my own “language” of love. Check it out! It will not only help personal relationships but also professional. We all have basic human need to feel accepted, valued and fulfilled.

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