Deets on My Dating Profile

Proof that I am no swamp creature

As I healed from my Black Stallion experience (see previous post), I put it in the past and moved on. I bet you are wondering what my dating profile looks like. I don’t blame you for wondering.

Let’s paint this picture: I am a curvy brunette, hazel eyes, 5’5, sporty but can be girly. I am a teacher.. Employed full time. Yes, I do get many requests to fulfill teacher fantasies for creeps everywhere. Weird? Yes, but for this reason and many others… I do not date men/boys who are younger than me.. More on that in a later post.

My skin is tan at any time of the year (HINT: cute chubby looks better with a tan). My smile has been #1 compliment on my pictures. #2 being my big beautiful boobies. Nothing exotic model material about me but I do not look like a swamp gremlin creature lurking under a bridge somewhere by any means. I mean.. no one has ever requested to put a bag over my head when in the sack #winning

I go into detail about my physical features/appearance to make a point: Catfishing is a real occurrence in this world. Those with less than desirable looks or features may dabble in some catfish strategies.

I have to admit, better looking men generally get my swiping attention.. as I slide them to the right. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good decision. Good looking men (at least my preference) aren’t always the nicest.. or loyal or.. loving. My mother has referred to me as “Shallow Hal” a few to many times. She wishes that I would choose a nice guy.

NEWS FLASH- The most common truly nice gents on apps/in real life… usually means that they could/most likely be less than desirable looking to the ol’ peep holes aka eyes. I am guilty of not answering messages or refusing to swipe right on men who don’t appeal to me physically. I NEED PASSION AND CHEMISTRY- not someone who is going to have ME investing in paper bags to place over their jacked up face in the bedroom. Call me shallow- it is what it is. I know what I like and we are in the 21st century people… Judging others on their appearance is what social media and especially dating apps are created to do!

If I want to boink you or let you take me out on a date… you have to be appealing to me in some way. With that said, there have been plenty of times where I was in fact the “reacher”. I have been dissed and dismissed many times based on my appearance. It took me a very long time to accept that I am me.. And I won’t be everyone’s choice of lollipop to lick. That is life- no need to dwell or change yourself (unless you want to). No hard feelings right?

PS. Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson (the Rock), Zac Efron- yes.. I am your type so stop playing with my heart and take me out already. My patience is running hella thin.

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