June 2015 marks my freedom. When I say free… you have to know that I wasn’t truly free- abuse/trauma stays with us. However, I had no one waiting to be next “Mr. Forever”. Which was terrifying! For the first time since I was 13… I was alone with myself. I hated myself to the core. This was the lowest part of my life. I had been out of the “dating scene” for 5+ years. I have never had a problem finding some needy soul- why would I now? Well, wake up honey! 21st century dating is a complete shit show! Online swipe left- swipe right. Bootycalls for days. No one takes loyalty-love- dating seriously. I had an addiction and yearning for “love” and a fear of being alone.

Well, I am no quitter- so I dove in head first. Bring it on POF (don’t do this one)- Tinder-Bumble-Match-EHarmony- I needed a prince charming to save me from myself! What I found instead were hilarious stories, catfish, too nice fellas, a lot of casper the GHOST and complete ass bags… and finally finding myself. Choosing to laugh instead of cry. On an adventure we will go.

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