The End- of the Beginning

Break-ups are never easy. You don’t have to be a fucking rocket scientist to know that. However, there are some relationships (often referred to as relationshit in my life)– that are absolutely toxic to our soul. When your soul is poisoned.. you start to forget what life was like before the toxic waste came in and took everything to shit. The weird thing is- that you can’t see your life going down the drain when you are actually in the relationshit. You go on skipping– you are actually crawling– on your merry (miserable) way into the sunset (hell). Those around you can see you struggling but you don’t hear their gentle guiding warnings.

Well– NEWS FLASH! This was me circa summer 2015. Surprised right? This wouldn’t be a very interesting documentation of my life if there wasn’t some heartbreak, bad jokes, humiliation and lots of sex.

Onto heartbreak–Getting out of my 5 year relationshit was rough. The whole thing just seems like a blur now. Why did I give so much time, money, effort, and tears to this man/boy– whom I will refer to as B. Well, it is quite simple. I am not a quitter. I always accept a challenge. If I give my heart to someone, I will give 100% until I have nothing left. I try to be a superhero and save the world; one lost soul at a time.. while I sacrifice mine.

Anyway, back to B– after years of compulsive lying, cheating, alcoholism, pill popping, impulsive behavior, verbal and emotional abuse…. I had to call it quits. It was a lost cause. I started to turn into a complete swamp monster. Lost sight of who I was and what I wanted. So I will spare you the sappy pathetic details–

Therefore, this end of B; but where there is an end- There is a chance for many new beginnings.

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