No specific order

This is just a kind FYI post…. not that anyone really fucking cares BUT for my own informational/organization crazy mind— I just had to let you know. These tales of dating (if you can call random 1 night stands and awkward “meet ups” dating– but thats for another post) will not be posted in any certain order.

Yes, I know that chronologically would be nice– SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! This is my story and I (quite frankly) don’t feel like talking about specific douche-bags on specific days for who knows what reason!

When my man gossip inspiration hits…. it’s going down on the blog. Don’t worry… I have most of my funniest stories already wrote down in my personal journal… (which may or may not be streaked with tear marks– happy tears perhaps?) Anyway, it’s about to rain (random) men! HALLELUJAH

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