Random Ramblings

Truth is we will all perceive life differently; based on our personality, personal beliefs and past experiences. The past events in our lives have so much of an impact on us. We have to take time to reflect, sort out the facts, thoughts, falsehoods and feelings they bring with them.  Our trauma, happy, sad, upsetting experiences follow us throughout life (no matter how hard you try to burry them in the past).

Well this my friends, is a twisted, humorous, heartbreaking and all the above story. Before you decide to “open this can of worms” (OK seriously WTF does this saying even mean?)

You should be warned.. I am unique. Just like you are. I choose to laugh and make jokes about situations in life. I have a mouth of a sailor- I can be offensive-crude- forward and a bit damn dramatic but what do I have to apologize for? Nothing.

I choose to be a realist in a world filled with fakes. I hope to inspire those who are yearning for more in life to come on this journey with me!

Speak! Tell your truth. Go on without judgement. Go on with the ability to laugh at life’s uncomfortable situations (at times self inflicted), and dear lord help me- Do not make my story about you or your beliefs…. being offended all the time is a waste of your life!

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